The following are taken from an HBO Comedy Special called "Rowan Atkinson: Not Just Another Pretty Face" but it is more commonly known (at least on the tape I have) as Rowan Atkinson Live. It is occasionally rerun on Comedy Central. I think this special best examplifies how talented a performer Rowan is and what a horrible tragedy it is that he is probably going to be remembered as Mr. Bean. (ugh...) Anyway...

A Warm Welcome: The Devil welcomes all to his domain, asking them all to please call him "Toby".

Fatal Beating: Tommy is in deep trouble, and it weren't for the fact that he was dead, he'd be expelled.

And Now, From Nazareth, The Amazing... A lost passage of the Bible.

Invisible Man: A Day in the Life of the Invisible Man.

A Good Loser: Of Tinsletown, the Theater, and Trophies.

With Friends Like These: a.k.a. The Wedding from Hell Sketch.

Pink Tights and Plenty of PropsShakespeare Made Simple.

No One Called Jones:Mr. Hardon and Mr. Gripbighardcock are not happy.

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